• The Early Years #1

Sweet Deliverance

Jesus is Coming Soon
I'll Have a New Life
Do You Know My Jesus
The Dearest Friend I Ever Had
I'm Free Again
Drifting Along
When I Lift Up My Head
Peace Like a River
Sunset is Coming But the Sunrise We'll See
I Can Tell You the Time
Looking for a City
Remind Me Dear Lord
He Made the Blue Skies New Skies
God Made A Way
His Grace Reaches Me
Heavenly Love
Is Your Name Written There
I Heard the Savior Calling
The Rainbow of Love
I'm Telling the World About His Love
Walke With Me
Lord Give Me Light
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Will It Do Precious Lord
Go Right Out
If We Never Meet Again

This CD was restored and remastered. Every attempt was made to reduce pops, cracks, and noise from the original vinyl LPs, however not all noise was removed.

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The Early Years #1

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Sweet Deliverance - When I lift Up My Head • mp3

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Sweet Deliverance - Looking For a City • mp3

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Sweet Deliverance - He Made the Blue Sky • mp3

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Sweet Deliverance - I Heard the Savior • mp3

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