Title     First Line
A Friend Like You - This live is filled with sorrow and troubles
A New Name in Glory - I was once a sinner, but I came
A Wonderful Love - There is a wonderful love,
After Awhile - After the sunshine comes the rain
After the Sunrise - Sorrows surround us
Amazing Grace – Coats - In the Bible there's a precious story
Angels Rock me to Sleep - My Heart is sad, my soul is weary
Anywhere is Home - Earthly wealth and fame
As the Life of a Flower - As the life of a flower
Awakening Chorus - Sons of praise awake arise
Beyond the Sunset – Pillow - Someday this life will all be over
Boundless Love - There is not a mother, sister, friend or brother
By Faith I can See - By faith I can See the birth of my Savior
Camping In Canaan's Land - I will leave this land of bondage
Can He? Could He? Would He? - Can He could He would He
Crimson River - There's a river flowing deep and wide
Daddy Sang Bass - I remember when I was a lad times were hard
Dare to Be a Daniel - Standing by a purpose true
Did You Ever Go Sailin' - There's an old ram-shackle shack
Dig a Little Deeper - I want to dig
Do You Ever Think to Pray - When the dreary day is over
Don't Let Your Light Burn Low - O would you be a blessing true
Down by the Riverside - Gonna lay down my burden
Down on My Knees - Once I wandered alone in blackness
Echoes From the Burning Bush - Moses stood on holy ground
Ephesians 3 - When I think of the scope of His wondrous plan
Everybody Ought to Know - Everybody ought to know
Gathering Flowers for the Master's  - Death is an angel sent from
Gethsemane - On a hillside so lonely knelt Jesus one day
Gettin' Ready to Leave this World - Laying up my treasures
God Can Do Anything but fail - God can do anything,
God is Alive - Our God is living on His throne
God on the Mountain - Life is easy when you're upon the mountain
God Put a Rainbow in the Cloud - When God shut Noah in
God's Love lifted Me - I was sinking deep on sin Jesus heard
Going Home - I am on my homeward journey
Happy Am I - Happy am I Jesus is mine forever never to leave
Happy Am I - Sweetly I trust in my Redeemer
Have You Heard - Have you heard the thrilling story
He Had to Go to Calvary - Christ had to go to Calvary
He is Mine and I Am His - God's amazing grace sent down
He Looked Beyond my Faults -Amazing grace shall always be
He Set me Free - Once like a bird in prison I dwelt
He's My Lord and King - Jesus came from glory just to set
He's Still Workin' on Me - He's still workin' on me to make
Headin' for Gloryland - Wake up o sinner God needs a winner
Heaven - There'll be no shadows in heaven
Heaven Now is in View - As I travel with Jesus ever trusting
Heaven's Jubliee - Some glad morning we shall see
Heavenly Lights of Home - Heavenly lights of home daily
Help me Lord to Stand - Help me oh Lord to do Thy will
Hide thou Me -Sometimes I feel discouraged and think my life
Higher - Shunning the lowlands where temptations are rife
His Love is in My Heart to Stay - Since I gave my heart to Jesus
How Can I Be Lonely - One is walking with me over life's
I Am Redeemed by Love Divine -I am redeemed by live divine
I Belong to Him - In the quiet misty morning when
I Bowed on My Knees (and Cried Holy) -I dreamed of that City called glory
I Can Tell You the Time -I remember the time when in darkness
I Cannot Find the Way Alone - As I journey thru this vale
I Don't Know Why Jesus Loves Me - I don't know why Jesus
I Found the Answer - Many were the times I worried thinking
I Know He Heard My Prayer -The clouds have passed away
I Know My Savior is There -When I'm heavy laden when my
I Love My Savior Too - Jesus my heavenly King loves me I know
I Need the Prayers - I need the prayers of those I love
I Saw the Light - I wandered so aimless life filled with sin
I Thank My Savior For It All - There's a million things I'd like to
I Want my Light to Shine -I want to walk dear Lord each day
I Want to be Like Jesus -I want to be like the one great Friend
I Want to Be Ready – Spiritual - I want to be ready
I Want to Be Ready to Meet Him - You may have your worldly pleasures
I Want to Know More About My Lord -While traveling through this world of sorrow
I Will Lean On His Arm -So long I had traveled life's stormy sea
I Won't Have to Cross Jordan Alone - When I come to the river
I'd Rather be an Old Time Christian -In this world I've tried most everything
I'd Rather Have Jesus - Men strive for the wealth of this wide
I'll be There - O when the trumpet of the Lord shall sound
I'll Have a New Life - On that resurrection morning
I'll Meet You by the River - Over the bright elysian shore
I'll Wake Up in Glory Land -I am only a pilgrim and a stranger here
I'll Walk and Talk With My Lord -I'll walk and talk with
I'll Walk With Jesus -I walk with Jesus my Savior He guides
I'm Bound for the Kingdom - You may ask me where I'm headed
I'm Bound for the Land of Canaan -I have started for a city on that bright eternal shore
I'm Feeling Fine - Well I woke up this morning feeling fine
I'm Going That Way -I've heard of a land of joy and peace
I'm Gonna Take a Ride - Some wonderful morning I'm gonna
I'm Just a Stranger Here - Dear Lord of Calvary again I come
I'm Telling the World About His Love - In sin I wandered talents
I'm Winging My Way Back Home - Down deep in my soul
I've Found a Hiding Place - A down that lonesome road to
I've Got That Old Time Religion in My Heart
- I'm glad Jesus came glory to His name
I've Never Been Sorry - Ever since Jesus saved and pardoned
I've Never Been this Homesick Before - There's a light in the window the table's spread
If I Could Hear My Mother Pray - How sweet and happy seem
In Gethsemane Alone - Oh what wondrous love I see freely
In My Heart there Rings a Melody - I have a song that Jesus gave
In That Great Getting' Up Morning - I'm a-gonna tell you 'bout the comin' of the Savior
In the Shadow of the Cross - Are you living in the shadow
In the Shelter of His Arms - When my soul was disturbed with
In the Sweet Forever - What a happy time some glad tomorrow
Inside the Gate – Sumner - Oh how happy I will be when life's
Invisible Hands - Invisible hands are waiting to guide you
Is My Name Written There - Lord I care not for riches neither
It Could Happen in a Moment - It could happen in a moment
It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn - Are you discouraged and
It's An Unfriendly World - Lord I sometimes feel just like a stranger here
It's Glory for Me - My Savior and King whose praises I sing
It's Shoutin' Time - It's shoutin' time in heaven a sinner once lost
Jesus My Friend - Jesus will be my Friend keeping me to the end
Jesus Saves -We have heard the joyful sound
Jesus Walked this Lonesome Valley -Oh Jesus walked this lonesome valley
John the Revelator - Upon the Isle of Patmos
Just Over in the Glory Land -I've a home prepared where the saints
Lord I Commit My Life to Thee - Lord I commit my life to Thee
Rise Up Lazarus - Judgment day is coming brother get ready
Step Into the Water - Step into the water wade out a little bit deeper
The Eastern Gate -I will meet you in the morning
The Pearly White City - There's a holy and beautiful city
The World's Greatest Story -The world's greatest story
There's a Rainbow of Love  - There's a rainbow of live that
Tis Marvelous -The Savior has come in His mighty power
We are going down the valley - We are going down the valley one
We Shall Wear a Crown - Watch ye therefore you know not the
What a Morning that Will Be - What a morning that will be hallelujah
When Day is Done - The lonely shadows of evening now are
When I Lift Up My Head - When I'm down when I'm down and out
When I Looked Up and He Looked Down - I was wandering far
When the Clouds Roll By – Baird - Sorrow oft bows us low
Where Milk and Honey Flows - I am living now in Canaan where
Will the Circle be Unbroken -There are loved ones in the glory
Wings of a Dove -When troubles surround us when evils come
Wonderful – Hutchins - Wonderful is Jesus all the world is He
Your First Day in Heaven -Well it's a great great morning your first

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